Westfield Veterinary Diagnostics

Because your pet deserves only the best veterinary care, Westfield Veterinary Group and Wellness Center uses only the latest veterinary diagnostic technology.

Laboratory Services

westfield veterinary diagnostics Since your pet cannot talk to us, we must rely on other veterinary diagnostic methods such as bloodwork, urinalysis, and fecal testing to help screen and diagnose his or her medical problems. Our in-house laboratory features the newest and fastest equipment available and transfers your pet's results automatically into his or her electronic medical record, where it is evaluated by your veterinarian. This means extremely accurate diagnostic results with a faster turnaround time, resulting in an immediate diagnosis and treatment plan for your pet.

Digital Radiography

westfield veterinary diagnostics for pets Radiographs (x-rays) help the veterinarian diagnose many potential health problems, including the location and severity of fractures, the identification of foreign bodies, heart disease, cancer, and broken or impacted teeth.

Our digital radiography units produce high-quality, high-resolution x-ray images more quickly than traditional film x-rays. This results in less time on the x-ray table and less stress for your pet. Digital x-ray images can be saved to a disc or emailed, allowing for fast consultations with specialists, when necessary.


westfield pet diagnostics Ultrasound is an advanced imaging technique that uses sound waves to provide a real-time moving image of your pet's internal organs. This procedure is particularly useful for diagnosing abdominal and cardiac problems and can also be used to detect tumors, foreign bodies, and other illnesses. The Westfield Veterinary Group is proud to offer on-site ultrasound services performed by a veterinary specialist.

Electrocardiography (EKG / ECG)

Our doctors routinely utilize EKG / ECG to help diagnose and treat heart disease and arrhythmias.

Glaucoma Screening

Dogs, and sometimes cats, can develop glaucoma, a serious condition in which the pressure in the eye becomes elevated. It is important to diagnose and begin treatment for this condition very quickly, because increased intra-ocular pressure can lead to blindness. We utilize a specialized instrument to determine the pressure in the eye. This is a painless procedure that can be performed during an examination.