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Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week: Superstars

If you’ve ever needed veterinary treatment for your beloved pet, you know how comforting it is to have a knowledgeable and experienced veterinary technician caring for them. Our entire team takes pet care seriously, and our vet techs are integral to that team. The third week in October is National Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week each [...]

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Service Highlight: Client Service Representatives

For our entire team, delivering exceptional medical care to your pets is extremely important. But without our Client Service Representatives, we simply could not provide the level of care and client support that you deserve. We want to highlight the contributions these team members make each day to the health and wellness of pets, as [...]

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Service Highlight: How We Care For Chronically Ill Pets

When your pet is diagnosed with a chronic or long-term condition, the road ahead can be uncertain. Some pets’ chronic illnesses can be managed easily, while others require frequent and ongoing diagnostics, medical treatment, and assessment to make sure the pet is maintaining a good quality of life. And as pets age, the chances of [...]

Service Highlight: Surgery

We will work with you at every step of the way, before, during, and after surgery, to make sure that your pet is taken care of with expertise and the utmost care for their comfort and well-being. We start by ensuring your pet’s safety with pre-surgical blood testing tailored to their age, breed, and condition. [...]

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Service Highlight: Veterinary Technicians

Veterinary technicians are a critical part of the veterinary care team here at Westfield Veterinary Group. They serve as the veterinarian’s right hand and are also responsible for interacting with our amazing clients. They act as nurses, surgical assistants, anesthetists, X-ray technicians, dental hygienists, grief counselors, and also wear about a dozen more hats every [...]

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